"Cycles Vol. 1" Album Digital Download

"Cycles Vol. 1" Album Digital Download

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My first album of exclusively Handpan music (and RAV drum).


This album was recorded entirely during 2020. The strangest year ever.

My handpans have been a tool for my own sanity and peace in these difficult times. Some of these songs were recorded in my home studio thanks to our lockdown situation. Some were recorded in the beautiful redwood forests of Northern California. All of them come from an authentic place of emotion and passion in me.

I hope they bring you peace and bliss.


1. Eclipse

2. Fading Bruises

3. Healing Grove

4. Sunset

5. Sleep, Little Rose

6. Sunrise

7.  Inside (Forest Ambient Mix)


8. Sunrise Extended Cut

9. Inside (Studio Mix)


Total length: 50 minutes (Extended Edition: 67 minutes)